staying home

Joseph and I are back in Penticton where we’re staying isolated at home. Just looking out the window is scary for Joseph because he sees people with masks on and gloves. I’m trying to take his mind off things, and started by restricting our news time. I don’t want to teach him the habit of denial but I do want to teach him positive thinking. Dwelling on the pandemic is not good for his mental health. To help him feel better, I taught him about the medieval plague and how it was way worse but humanity still survived.

In the meantime we’ve been playing a lot of cards and board games. I also tried to restrict his video game time because I know playing too much can lead to bad habits that stretch into adulthood. He should never want to play video games all day, and for me COVID-19 is not an excuse to do this. So we’ve been spending a lot of time together doing physical things. I think he’s really liking the game Monopoly because he beats me every time. Trust me, I’m not letting him. He knows the rules better than I do because he used to play it with his baby sitter a lot a few years ago.

If you know any other fun things we can do that don’t involve a monitor and television than please email them to me. We won’t run out of ideas any time soon but new ideas we might never have thought of would be well accepted. We’d also like to hear what other single parents are doing with their kids during isolation. Hopefully this post can give other parents motivation and inspiration.

We’ll make it through this, and see you all happily on the other side!