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Well, Joseph recently got back from Spain and to his surprise we went on another trip right away. Never before has our little family been so busy in the matter of a few months. Things are really looking great for us two. I have been dating this lovely princess-like goddess named Julia from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, which isn’t too far from Penticton. This weekend we are visiting Julia and are having a good time. The reason why I’m sharing this with you is because something amazing happened today that is related to our blog. Joseph and I, while Julia was at a business meeting, went to the park, a place we’ve never been before, and we brought our football. After playing pass and enjoying ice cream for a good hour, a group of men came walking through the park and at first we thought they would get in the way of our game, but one of them ran out and caught the football Joseph had thrown before I could catch at. He laughed and I was about to yell at him, until he smiled splendidly at me and threw the football back at Joseph in calmly wise. Then I saw Joseph laughing and never had I seen him catch a football so well.

This group of men, about eight of them, all burly and big, started giggling like school girls and in matter of a few seconds the football kept going back and forth between them all and more often than not Joseph was the one who saw the most attention. Never in a single day had Joseph caught so many great scores. I even saw him do a movie-like dive for the ball and all the guys laughed. After playing with these Kelowna gentlemen for a good 20 minutes, they were all out of breath while Joseph was still full of energy and we quickly got more ice cream before playing again.

It wasn’t until we were all done our ice cream and even Joseph was exhausted that we finally introduced ourselves. It turned out the eight Kelowna gentlemen were all either truck mechanics or tow truck drivers as they worked for Kelowna Towing and that explained why they were so burly, manly with grease stains on their jeans. They told Joseph all about the joys of driving big trucks, and Joseph loved it because lately he had been playing with a lot of toy trucks and this evening he found a renewed joy for them and for a good while playing mostly with his red toy tow truck. He pretended he was a tow truck driver from Kelowna helping people in Penticton and I though it was superb to watch.

kelowna minor football
kelowna BC

But the day did not end with us just playing football with Kelowna tow truck drivers. We also spent a while in the playground just talking and that day I was talking with Ricky about a discount for towing services in Kelowna whenever I was in the city. I promised to take advantage of this discount because it was rather hefty, only so hefty because they loved Joseph so much and they said they’d never forget us. They said that when I’m looking for tow truck Kelowna services that I should choose their company, which is small but growing quickly, hence their cause for celebrating, and I can say my son’s name, Joseph, and, if they remember, which I hope they do, I’ll get a 20% discount. I told this to my girlfriend, Julia, who lives in Kelowna and she needed tow truck services the other day so she wished she had learned this earlier but swore she would only choose Kelowna Towing from now, which I will also do to so long as I’m visiting Kelowna.

Now reflecting about this awesome event in the City of Kelowna, BC, CA, I’m thinking of the 4 great things Joseph learned:

  1. Driving big tow trucks is not only cool but great for people who need certain help.
  2. Even big and strong men who might seem scary are nice and willing to play minor football, at least in Kelowna BC.
  3. Towing services are here for everyone and are affordable, safe and educational for children.
  4. Kelowna BC is a great place to live, not just because we now have a discount coupon on local towing services but because the men who do it are real and love people just like we do.