visit to spain

This weekend I flew out to Spain with Joseph because my mother, on my dad’s side, is ill in the hospital and he had never met her before. She is the only member of my family who still lives in Spain, as most of my family is in Mexico, but she has many friends there who are all devote Catholics and they are looking after Joseph for the next few weeks while I continue to work in Penticton. I just wanted to share this news in case you’re wondering how we’re doing and why we haven’t posted a lot lately. Joseph and I talk on the phone every night and he says he loves all the amazing stories his grandma is telling him in the hospital. He never knew grandma was so smart. She studied history all her life and I’m sure Joseph is learning a lot about the world from her.

So now you have that update. When i fly back and bring Joseph home we plan to do a big blog post project together and show more pictures of our football fun and also life in Penticton for tourist use. So have a great day and don’t worry about us!