victoria bc

If you don’t know who Joseph is, no worries. We welcome you to our blog. Joseph is my son. He’s very young and you can read more about what we do and why our blog exists on our About Us Page. Today, we want to share a magical story all about charity and friendship. I wanted to teach my son how great it feels to help others, and so we went over to Victoria BC. It’s a city much larger than Penticton on Vancouver Island. For a while it was the capitol of Canada, and you can really see why when you go there.

Why did we got to Victoria BC to do this?¬†We could have staid in Penticton to do charitable acts, but a friend of mine who lives in Langford BC and works for a window cleaning company hadn’t seen me in a few years and we had some catching up to do. He told me about this charity event his window cleaning company was doing in some dirtier parts of Victoria BC and I volunteered to come out with Joseph and help. I think Joseph had a lot more fun than me. Before we went to the event, we checked out some of the Island’s main attractions like the Butterfly Gardens and the Breakwater in James Bay. We also fed the seals at Oak Bay Marina and enjoyed fine meals at some fancy diners. After all this luxury, preparing for a charitable event became exciting because we felt like we wanted to give back to this beautiful city.

What was the charity event all about?¬†Like any city, there are parts that are cleaner than others and in Victoria there’s a few neighborhoods close to down town that don’t get cleaned very often. The houses there need some repairs because there are a lot of unhealthy people with addictions and bad habits living there. So my friend and his Victoria window washing co-workers volunteered with some city workers to clean windows and give out hot dogs to the poor. There was even a magician there making balloon animals for a good hour! The work was a lot harder than Joseph and I had expected because we had a lot of windows to clean and we’re not too good at window washing, especially on the exterior of residential houses with ladders! Of course, I didn’t let Joseph go up high on the ladders but he did help me a lot with holding my window cleaning materials and equipment. He loved using the spray bottle!

window cleaning

I think Joseph and I cleaned close to sixty windows between us that day. My friend of course did three times more than that but he cleans windows for a living as an expert and professional. He’s so good at it! I was amazed at how he could clean a window so fast and then move onto the next. Joseph was impressed, too. The window cleaning Victoria¬†business my friend works for also does roof cleaning and gutter cleaning, so he’s very versatile and can do all other kinds of exterior house cleaning, too. The people who lived in that area were so grateful to see him working away and some of them even started playing music on their guitars for him and he started working even faster. Joseph and I needed to take a few breaks throughout the day and so those free hot dogs came in handy at lunch. Joseph usually doesn’t like hot dogs but he was very hungry and found a new liking for them that day.

By the time the evening had rolled around, we had cleaned the exterior windows of nearly an entire block, and it was really quite the attraction for people walking by. This was when I think Joseph really started to realize how great it feels to help people and this is exactly what I wanted to see. It’s important to teach people this when they’re young because I believe it might be too late after they reach a certain age. Of course it’s never 100% too late to find the joy of helping people. After all, there’s a story in the Bible exactly about this. Even old adults like myself can find new joys in life rather unexpectedly. But for me unfortunately cleaning residential windows in Victoria BC wasn’t one of them. Although I was glad we got to help people and teach Joseph a good life lesson, I was rather glad to relax afterwards and do what we love doing most–playing some good old fashioned football in the park! My friend was too tired to join us but Joseph and I played football for a good hour at Beacon Hill Park before we went out for ice cream and a movie. I’ll never forget how much Joseph was smiling for the rest of that day after helping so many people. He said he wants to be a window washer when he grows up and live in Victoria BC, but I think this is just a faze of his. Even if it isn’t, I’ll still be there to play football with him on the weekends.

Well, thank you for joining us on our experience. I know it’s not the most interesting thing to read but Joseph and I are glad that we can come back many years from now and read about this cool experience we had. I really think this changed the way Joseph sees the world. He’s just getting old enough to understand that there are bad people out there, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t be good and help people by cleaning their windows when no one else will. So thank you for reading and have a great rest of your day!