football story

Joseph and I love to travel when we get the chance, and we love to do so even more when we also get to play football while traveling. Our recent visit to Hamilton Ontario saw just that as we got to play with Joseph’s friend there. This was right before the COVID-19 pandemic and so it was no worries to have a bunch of kids together roughhousing. Now, with the schools shutting down, such an event might be frowned at, so we look back to this memory with gratefulness knowing we might not be able to play more football until the COVID-19 outbreak settles down.

Joseph’s friend’s name is David and they met online playing a Pokemon video game. They were such great friends online that I got in touch with David’s parents and organized this get together. David plays too many video games and so his parents were excited to have him interested in getting outside more for some football. This wasn’t the first time Joseph and I played football in a foreign part of Canada. Our trip to Kelowna BC last year was great, but we both agree that our trip to Hamilton ON was even better because Joseph and David are super great friends now. They talk every day over the internet and want to see each other again soon.

Joseph himself wrote this little message for me to share with you guys: “David is so cool. He’s really good at all Pokemon games and teaches me how to get better at them. I teach him how to play football and we started playing a football game together on Nintendo.”

Joseph and I are also heroes in Hamilton ON now because we did a great service for the football game while we were there. It was a free event for all families to join and so there was no funding for jerseys, food and the like. All the food and the cost of renting the space to play was covered by parents like me, and I spent a good deal of cash there getting everything set up, but it was worth it.

Why are Joseph and I Heroes in Hamilton ON? We Kindly Paid for the Arena’s Fridge Repair Service so Everyone Could Have Cold Drinks!

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This is the story I started this whole post to share with you. Right before the game, after many parents had brought in snacks and beverages for the kids to enjoy, the refrigerator in the staff room we were all sharing broke down. This was sad news because we were going to play football all day and without the refrigerator working our snacks would go bad and our drinks would get warm. Many brought egg salad, ham sandwiches and stuff that can’t stay warm all day, so Joseph and I rose to the call of duty by calling Appliance Repair Hamilton, a company there that said they could fix our fridge within a few hours.

Believing the appliance repair company would follow their word, we set off to play football nonetheless and had so much fun that we forgot the refrigerator was even broken and our food was getting warm until lunch time came around and we all went inside. We went into the staff room to find that the appliance technician had already repaired the refrigerator and all our drinks and snacks were chilled. We were so happy that we ate a little more than we should have, but that extra food was soon burned off with the afternoon’s round of fun football games.

For dinner, we were so grateful to have the working refrigerator that we cancelled our plans to order pizza and finished off the chilled snacks that other parents had kindly supplied. It was a great day, and most of that greatness is owed to the fact that one appliance which had broken was fixed! Joseph and I felt good for doing that, even though we both knew we couldn’t really afford it (the fridge repair service cost $175). We decided we would do it again in a heartbeat and actually plan to. We’ll be going back to Hamilton this summer and Joseph can’t wait!

Hopefully on our next trip the refrigerator won’t break again. But one piece of great news is this: just today the Hamilton arena refunded me for my cost to repair the refrigerator and Joseph and I weren’t expecting that so we’re going to go out for a fancy dinner tonight!

I wish you could come with us!