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Playing Football in the Backyard with my Son

Football is slow in winter but not in my house. My son and I love to play together in the backyard. It’s really fun and today we want to share a funny story we had yesterday as a result of playing. My son accidentally threw the ball into the neighbors yard, but this was what my grandma would call a “divine accident” because the neighbors and their boys ended up playing with us when they brought the ball back and our game was so fun we ended up playing for hours.

My grandma would have loved to watch if she was here. Are backyard is the perfect size for football, but only if it’s a small game. We had 2 teams of 3 people and we weren’t playing full contact. We were only playing tow-hands-touch as the rules, so if you had the ball and got touched by two hands it was like getting tackled. My son and I lost to the neighbors but there’s no such thing as loosing when you’re having fun!

And when we got back into the house after the sun went down we made hot chocolate and I watched my son play on the GameCube. Ironically enough my son likes to play a game called Backyard Football. It’s a fun game perfect for kids his age. Here is a video of the game if you’re interested.

Backyard football anywhere in the world can be a great way to pass the time. But you may want to know this list of things you should have if you plan to play.

  1. A soft football that doesn’t hurt.
  2. Thick clothing for bumps and scrapes.
  3. Remove all rocks and sticks from yard and fill in holes with shovel.
  4. Lot’s of water for hydration. 
  5. A set of rules that everyone agrees on.
  6. A goal to have fun rather than win.
  7. More than one player!
  8. Enough light to see the ball.
  9. Music is also good, especially the Rocky soundtrack!
  10. Last but not least, a smile!

I hope everyone can experience the joy of backyard football one way or the other. Try it with your kid with the 2 hand rule and you’re guaranteed a good time!

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My Son Joseph Wants to say Hello!

This blog is a fun project for me and my son to work on after football practice. He is eight, and he wants to start things off by saying hello. So I’ll let him take over the keyboard now.

“hello i am joseph. I am 8 but I wish I was 12. I love blogging, and I love my dad for taking me to play football. i met so others my age and they nice.”

As you can see my son is very good at typing for his age. This is all we have time for today but you can read more about us and what we do one this page. Thank you for staying!

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