What is this blog all about?

Consider this blog an art project for my eight year old son, Joseph. He thinks it’s so great to be able to publish his thoughts on the internet for you to read, and I’m using this to teach him how to type. He’s already pretty good.

He plays minor football and my wife and I love to watch. I’m not an expert in football. My son knows more than me. But you can still read some cool stuff about it here. And by the way we mean American football, not soccer. A lot of people find that confusing, but not my son!

We’re originally from Mexico. We’ve been living in Penticton for three years now and love meeting new people here. My son wants to say hello. “hello I am Joseph. How are you?”

Haha, he typed that all by himself. I hope you are as proud as me. You may not find this blog interesting but for me and my son it’s a blast. I also might share some other cool stuff on here, and I have a friend Larry who might do a guest post every once in a while. He thinks having a friend with a blog is great for promoting local business, but I’ll have to moderate him carefully. Anyways, thanks for reading!

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